NIXsolutions: Twitter’s Latest Update Promotes Twitter Blue with Direct Message Changes

Twitter has launched an update that aims to boost its fledgling paid subscription service, Twitter Blue. This update introduces changes to the direct message (DM) settings of users, blocking non-Twitter Blue subscribers from messaging them. Let’s explore the details and implications of this update.

New DM Settings: Exclusive Messaging

Previously, Twitter users had two DM options: receive messages from everyone or restrict messages to people they follow. With the latest update, Twitter adds a third setting that allows users to receive DMs exclusively from their followers and verified Twitter users. While this feature may have had value when verified users consisted mainly of celebrities and media personalities, it now enables any Twitter Blue subscriber, paying $8 per month, to message any user.

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Twitter’s Anti-Spam Intentions

Twitter framed this update as a means to reduce spam in DMs. In an announcement from @TwitterSupport, the platform stated that users who enable the new setting will receive messages from followed users in their primary inbox. Messages from verified users not followed by the recipient will be directed to the message request inbox.

Promotion of Twitter Blue

Despite its anti-spam intentions, this update appears to be a strategic move to promote Twitter Blue. The DM message button remains visible to all users, including those who are not followed or subscribed to Twitter Blue. When an unsubscribed user attempts to message someone they don’t follow, they receive a prompt urging them to subscribe to Twitter Blue for continued messaging access.

Default Setting Change for All Users

To compound matters, Twitter made this new option the default setting for users who previously allowed DMs from all Twitter users. Although Twitter mentioned that users can switch back to their previous settings, the change was applied automatically.

Reverting the Setting Change

Thankfully, users can revert the setting change and prevent Twitter from using their accounts to advertise Twitter Blue. Follow these steps to adjust your DM settings:

  1. Access the Direct Messages section by selecting “Messages” on the web or the envelope logo in Twitter’s mobile apps.
  2. On the primary inbox page, locate the gear logo in the upper right-hand corner and click on it to access your settings.
  3. You will find three messaging options provided by Twitter. Choose the option that aligns with your preferences.
  4. Keep in mind that some users have reported issues with the settings not saving. To ensure your changes are saved, exit the DM settings page and revisit it after making adjustments.

Twitter’s recent update modifies the DM settings of users, allowing only followed users and verified accounts to send messages, concludes NIXsolutions. While Twitter presents this change as an effort to combat spam, it primarily serves as a promotion for its paid subscription service, Twitter Blue. Users can revert the setting change by adjusting their DM preferences through the settings menu. Stay informed about such updates to ensure your Twitter experience aligns with your preferences.