NIXSolutions: New X Smart TV App Revealed

Earlier this month, media outlets unveiled plans by social network X (formerly Twitter) to launch a new application tailored for smart TVs from Amazon and Samsung. Recently, app researcher Nima Owji shared a brief video offering a glimpse into the interface of the forthcoming X smart TV app.

NIX Solutions

Interface Highlights:

The 30-second video, shared on Owji’s social media account, showcases key features including the login screen, home page, search functions, and user profile page. Confirming earlier reports, the video unveils a “For You” section on the home page, featuring personalized recommendations, alongside a segment dedicated to short videos.

Compatibility and Purpose:

Owji highlighted that the application is web-based, indicating its potential compatibility with various smart TV models. Designed to facilitate viewing of longer videos on larger screens, the X app aims to transcend the confines of smartphones or computers. This aligns with recent statements from the X developer blog, emphasizing the platform’s shift towards a “video-first” approach. According to the blog, 8 out of 10 user sessions involve video consumption, with X users collectively watching videos totaling 130 years in duration by December 2023.The revealed interface of the X smart TV app offers insights into the platform’s evolving focus on video content and its expansion to larger screens, adds NIXSolutions. As anticipation builds, we’ll keep you updated on further developments.