NIXSolutions: Meta To Improve Comments Moderation On Posts

Meta has improved the ability to moderate unwanted comments on Facebook, as well as added support chat for users whose account has been blocked. These updates are reported on the Meta for Creators blog.

User-level moderation

Page owners will be able to block any user who left an inappropriate comment in a couple of clicks. With the help of the new function, you can block not only the account from which the comment was left, but also all new accounts belonging to the same person. The function is aimed at improving the moderation of comments on personal pages and in social network communities.


Comment level moderation

The “Hide comment” button is now available for each comment. All hidden comments can be viewed in one place by applying the appropriate filter.

In addition, Facebook has allowed to automatically hide comments that mention certain keywords., says NIXSolutions. The owner of the page configures the set of keys independently. From the list of auto-hide rules, you can select which types of comments should always be hidden: for example, those that contain a link, an image, etc.

Facebook Live Moderation

For Facebook Live users, the social network has launched such features as:

  • blocking profanity by keywords in comments;
  • strengthening control over comments;
  • moderation of a live broadcast with the help of one of the users watching the broadcast.

Support for blocked users

Facebook is testing a new helper tool for users: a chat with customer service. The chat is only available to some US users who have been blocked from accessing their Facebook and Instagram account due to unusual activity or violation of social media requirements.