NIX Solutions: Twitter Developers Obey New iOS Regulations

With the launch of iOS 14.5, Apple’s new privacy policy came into effect, requiring developers of iOS apps to obtain explicit permission from users to collect data to serve personalized ads. Twitter was the one of the last to join the ranks of applications complying with the new rules. In its iOS version there was a proposal to activate the function of tracking user activity, too.

NIX Solutions

Twitter’s main argument for this option is that the user will receive “better ads”.

“Keep your ads relevant by allowing Twitter to track third-party data on this device, such as the apps you use and the websites you visit. After activating tracking, you can always change this later in the settings of your device,” reads a Twitter post.

The company also provides a link to a Twitter support post in the Help Center, which explains why it is necessary to request permission to track user activity. There is also a link to Apple’s current privacy policy and an explanation of what happens when you activate or deactivate that option.

Despite the discontent of large advertisers with Apple’s new policy, it is popular with ordinary users, notes NIX Solutions. The source says that about 96% of iOS users in the US refuse to activate the tracking feature. It looks like advertisers will have to look for new ways to collect data to serve users with personalized ads.