NIX Solutions: Instagram Allows to Post More than One Link per Profile

In the Instagram social network, it became possible to add more than one link to external sites in the profile, as well as linking the Facebook community.

NIX Solutions

Let’s figure out how the new feature works, as well as how to add more than 1 link in the Instagram profile.

How to add sitelinks on your Instagram profile

We offer simple step by step instructions.

Step 1. Open your Instagram page and click “Edit Profile”.

Step 2. Click on the “Links” line.

Step 3. Click “Add External Link” if you want to add a link to an external site and “Add Community on Facebook” if you want to add a community.

– Add a link: enter the link address and name.

– Bind the community: select the community that you manage or in which you are a member. Postium notes that it has to be the community (group) that can be linked, and not the business page.

Ready! Now, your profile will show that you have more than one link. When a user clicks on a link, they will see a panel with all your links.

If you want to remove a link from your account page, just go to the link management section, select the link you need and click delete.

NIX Solutions reminds that earlier Instagram allowed pinning up to 3 posts at the top of the page.