NIX Solutions: Instagram 2022 Trends

Instagram has analyzed the accounts of Generation Z users and determined what trends await us in 2022.

“To create this report, we tapped into the minds of Gen Z to learn more about the growing Instagram trends across a variety of categories, including music, fashion, content creators and celebrities, beauty, social justice and more,” wrote the official Instagram website.

NIX Solutions

They stated that it is on Instagram that trends are born among young people, and one cannot but agree with this. And here are the conclusions reached by the experts.

In the coming year, we, and especially the Zoomers, will continue to promote eco-culture even more. Vegan cosmetics, herbal products, and all kinds of sustainable skin and body care. 23% of the people surveyed said that they would try to give away unwanted clothes more often for recycling or into other hands, says PeopleTalk. In the meantime, they themselves are planning to buy things in second-hand stores more often.

As for the content format, short videos will supplant the popularity of photos and long videos, notes NIX Solutions. So you won’t be able to hide from TikTok any time soon.

Meditation, manifesto, affirmations – are these words familiar to you? If not, then don’t worry, it will soon become your routine. Moreover, young people will begin to pay more attention to their health, especially mental health.

From fashion trends among adolescents and young people, the aesthetics of Goblincore will gain popularity. Imagine that you are a young elf lost in a beautiful forest. Around you are butterflies, frogs, mushrooms, wet grass and sounds of nature. Something like this can be described and the style of Goblincore .

The former popularity will return not only to the classics, but also to the Gothic style. Apparently, a very interesting year awaits us!