NIX Solutions: Instagram To Launch Its Own AI Chatbot

Instagram announces the development of its own chatbot powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The bot will provide user advice and answer questions.

Official launch and testing

The social network has already begun testing its AI bot, but the exact date of its official launch has not yet been disclosed. This means that Instagram users will be able to take advantage of the new feature in the near future.

NIX Solutions

Help in formulating messages

One of the main features of the chatbot will be to help users in making the best responses. If you’re having trouble wording your message, the AI bot will help you create the right response.

Unique characters of your own bot

Instagram users will be able to select a specific character for their chatbot from a suggested list. Each character has a unique communication style to better suit the preferences and needs of users.

Instagram Chatbot Expectations

Initially, the development of Instagram’s own chatbot raised expectations among users who hope for a more convenient and effective interaction of the social network, notes NIX Solutions. Instagram’s upcoming AI bot offers new ways to communicate and help users.