NIX Solutions: Instagram Gets Interactive Games for Engaging Content

Instagram is currently in the testing phase of introducing interactive features for live broadcasts on its platform. A select group of creators have been granted the ability to incorporate live games into their broadcasts, adding a new layer of engagement for viewers.

NIX Solutions

Introducing Two Live Games: “Quiz” and “This or That”

Instagram’s developers aim to facilitate better audience engagement for creators, fostering real-time communication. The two available games, “Quiz” and “This or That,” provide an avenue for creators to prompt reactions and interactions from their audience.

How to Go Live with Games on Instagram

To initiate a live game broadcast, start by creating a live stream and click on the puzzle icon. This option is also accessible through the toolbar on the side during a broadcast. Simply select the desired game from the menu to engage with your viewers.

Exploring the Games: “This or That” and “Quiz”

This or That: Participants can answer up to 15 questions daily, making choices between two options. This game covers a wide range of scenarios, from personal preferences to everyday decisions.

Quiz: Offering random questions across various knowledge domains, from pop culture to technology, Quiz challenges participants to choose the correct answer from three options within a set time limit.

Revitalizing Interest in Instagram Live

This unexpected update indicates a potential decline in interest in Instagram live broadcasts, notes NIX Solutions. The incorporation of interactive games serves as a strategic move by the platform to reignite interest among users. As more games are added, Instagram hopes not only to revive live broadcasts but also to attract a broader user base, including both creators and viewers.