NIX Solutions: Facebook Introduces Title Template for Campaigns, Ads, and Ad Groups

In Facebook, it is now possible to create and use a title template for a campaign, ad, or ad group when launching an ad campaign, states Postium. Professionals can select the “Title Template” option when creating new or editing campaigns, ads and announcements. The title template is not yet available on all accounts.

NIX Solutions

For a title template, you must specify which settings for a campaign, ad group, or ad will be added to the template. When you change the settings, the data in the template will be updated automatically. You can also specify your own parameters or add an empty field and fill it in later, explains NIX Solutions.

Once you save the title template, you can apply it when you create a new campaign, ad group, or individual ad. Title templates can be used to:
  • Give all campaigns, ad groups and ads the same name;
  • Cease to manually update the names of campaigns, ad groups, and individual ads after each setting change;
  • Create short table names for campaigns, ad groups, and individual ads.
  • Avoid mistakes when naming campaigns, ad groups, and individual ads.