NIX Solutions: Facebook To Launch Podcasts Next Week

Back in April, it was reported that Facebook is working on its own podcast platform, which is expected to be featured on the social network. The company has now finally confirmed that the podcasts will indeed hit Facebook next week, Tuesday.

NIX Solutions

Facebook is sending emails to podcast creators about a new podcast page launching on June 22nd, says ITzine. The letter says that users will be able to listen to podcasts directly on Facebook pages, as well as in the new “Podcasts” section. A tab that is not yet available.

As with Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other platforms, anyone can set up an RSS feed to add a podcast to Facebook. As soon as the podcast is approved, new episodes will be displayed there automatically.

Starting June 22, 2021, Facebook will be a place where people can enjoy, discuss and share their favorite podcasts with each other. To help them find your work, we may add a new tab to your page that will host your podcasts.

By adding their podcasts to their page, people will be able to listen to each episode directly on Facebook. There is no need to download anything or provide links to anything. Your page will be updated with your latest releases as they become available. You can also unpublish or delete your podcast at any time.

Interestingly, the Facebook podcast platform’s terms of service ensure that the company has the right to create “derivative works” of the content. There are no details about what exactly this means, but it should be kept in mind before submitting a podcast to Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

Facebook will also provide a feature called Clips to help creators promote their podcasts with short clips from the series that can be shared anywhere on the social network, notes NIX Solutions.

Big tech companies are showing an increasing interest in podcasts as the format has become even more popular in recent years. Apple previously launched paid subscriptions to its Podcasts app as the company believes it will help create even more original content.