NIX Solutions: European Commission Investigates Social Network X

The European Commission has launched an investigation into social network X’s efforts to combat legally prohibited information related to Israeli events. Despite X’s claim of deleting hundreds of accounts linked to the Middle East conflict, the platform faces scrutiny under the Digital Services Act (DSA).


X’s Response to Investigation and Compliance Assessment

X CEO Linda Yaccarino, in response to the investigation, announced the company’s reallocation of resources and refocusing of internal teams to address the evolving situation. European officials are evaluating X’s compliance with the DSA, with a detailed report from the company expected on October 18. The assessment will encompass X’s policies and practices concerning illegal content, complaint handling, threat assessment, and mitigation measures.

Concerns over Content Moderation and Community Notes

Ms. Yaccarino highlighted X’s removal and labeling of thousands of content pieces and responses to EU requests for content removal. The Community Notes mechanism continues to operate on the platform, with an average five-hour gap between post publication and the appearance of explanatory comments, notes NIX Solutions. However, there are concerns that such a delay may exacerbate the spread of false information.