NIX Solutions: EU Investigates TikTok Lite Rewards Program

The European Commission has initiated an investigation into TikTok, focusing on its recently launched TikTok Lite app in France and Spain. Concerns revolve around potential violations of the Digital Services Act (DSA), particularly regarding the app’s rewards program and its impact on users’ psychological well-being.

NIX Solutions

Concerns Over TikTok Lite Rewards Program

The Commission highlights the addictive nature of TikTok Lite’s rewards program, expressing worries about its potential negative effects on young users. It criticizes the platform for launching the program without a comprehensive risk assessment or effective mitigation measures.

TikTok Faces Compliance Deadline

Despite a request from the European Commission for a risk assessment report by April 18, TikTok failed to comply, prompting the investigation. The platform now has until April 24 to submit the report and additional information by May 3. Failure to do so may result in significant fines or temporary suspension of the TikTok Lite rewards program in the EU.

TikTok, while disappointed by the Commission’s decision, asserts that the rewards program is limited to users over 18 and includes daily viewing limits. Discussions between TikTok and the Commission are ongoing, notes NIX Solutions.

As the investigation unfolds, we’ll keep you updated on TikTok’s compliance efforts and any further developments.