NIXsolutions: EU Investigates TikTok for DSA Violations

The European Union (EU) has initiated an investigation into the popular social network TikTok, examining potential violations of the Digital Services Act (DSA), with a focus on child protection and advertising transparency.

Regulatory representative Thierry Breton decided to delve into the matter after analyzing a comprehensive report on TikTok’s content policies and risk responses.


DSA Mandates and Risks:

The DSA, applicable to all online platforms since February 17, mandates major online entities to intensify efforts against illegal content and threats to public safety. TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, could face a substantial fine, potentially reaching up to 6% of its global turnover if found guilty of violating the regulation.

Investigation Focus:

Breton emphasized the investigation’s focus on TikTok’s algorithms, particularly assessing their potential contribution to behavioral addictions. Scrutiny will also be placed on the adequacy of measures taken by TikTok to ensure high levels of privacy, safety, and security for minors.

Data Transparency and Advertising Risks:

The European Commission will analyze the platform’s data disclosures to researchers, aiming to identify and address potential online risks associated with advertising on TikTok.

TikTok’s Response:

A TikTok spokesperson assured ongoing collaboration with experts and industry representatives to enhance minor safety on the platform, notes NIXsolutions. The company plans to share detailed insights with the European Commission, emphasizing TikTok’s pioneering features and settings designed to protect teenagers and prevent access by children under 13.

This inquiry marks the second instance of the European Commission investigating DSA violations, with a prior focus on the social networking platform X owned by Elon Musk.