NIXsolutions: ByteDance vs. TikTok – US Decision Looms

The House Energy and Commerce Committee is poised to vote on a pivotal bill today, giving ByteDance a six-month window to divest from the widely used short-video platform TikTok. Failure to comply could result in a US ban on the app, a move seen as a significant measure in the American authorities’ efforts to address the platform’s impact, boasting 170 million users in the United States.


Committee Approval and Next Steps

Should the committee greenlight the proposal, it will proceed to a vote in the entire House of Representatives. If passed, this legislation would mark a substantial step in the US government’s approach to TikTok. Congressman Mike Gallagher, Chair of the China Committee, emphasized that the objective is not a ban but a strategic move to ensure the platform’s continued existence with a clear separation. “Think of it as surgery to remove a tumor to save the patient,” he remarked.

ByteDance’s Deadline and Potential Consequences

The proposed document grants ByteDance a 165-day timeline to sell TikTok. Failing to meet this deadline would lead to the prohibition of TikTok downloads on major app stores, including Apple and Google. Additionally, hosting services for ByteDance applications would face a ban. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre expressed support for the initiative, framing it as a response to “the threat posed by certain technology services operating in the United States,” notes NIXsolutions.

ByteDance’s Response and Constitutional Concerns

ByteDance contends that the bill violates the US Constitution and reiterates its commitment to not sharing American user data with Chinese authorities. Meanwhile, TikTok remains immensely popular in the country, making potential restrictions in an election year a complex challenge.