NIXSolutions: BeReal Claims 20 Million+ Daily Users

BeReal, a social media platform that promises to prioritize authenticity and real connections, has announced that it has more than 20 million daily active users. The app, which launched in January 2021, aims to offer a refreshing alternative to existing social media networks, which are often criticized for being shallow and superficial.


A social media platform that prioritizes authenticity

BeReal distinguishes itself from other social media apps by emphasizing authenticity and real connections over popularity and vanity metrics. The platform offers a range of features, including video and photo sharing, chat rooms, and private messaging, all designed to foster genuine interactions between users.

Positive user reviews

BeReal has received positive reviews from many users who appreciate the platform’s focus on real connections. Some have praised the app’s clean and intuitive design, while others have noted that the absence of ads and influencer marketing makes for a more pleasant user experience.

Looking ahead

While BeReal’s growth has been impressive, the platform faces stiff competition from established social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, the app’s commitment to authenticity and privacy could appeal to users who are tired of the performative nature of other social media platforms.

BeReal’s rapid growth demonstrates that there is demand for a more authentic social media experience, notes NIXSolutions. While the platform still has a long way to go before it can compete with the likes of Facebook and Instagram, its early success suggests that there is room for alternative social networks that prioritize genuine connections over likes and followers.